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so is it blasphemy for me to post this from the uk?



Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, shares his feelings about LA Game Space…

Donate now and get the game Pen is making with Bennett Foddy!

He must be so high… So much.


Travel posters are great and all, but why go to a far off land when you can be lazy!? Caldwell Tanner’s group of such posters caters to us online junkies.

Blasting around on the internet, video games, at home and watching television is paradise!

Travel Posters for Lazy People by Caldwell Tanner (Tumblr) (Twitter)

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You Know You’re a Game of Thrones Fan If… <—a few more here

Pleated Jeans wins again

Great! But why is it tagged “television”?


TOO good!

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I can easily check off 6 or 7 of these.

This is like those stupid spam things…

I got 23

As always when I see these lists I do the tally. I scored 15 on this one, I could possibly be 16, but I have no clue what P.K’s are?  The only P.K’s I’m familiar with are Promise Keepers, but they’re a Christina group.  Anyone want to help me out?

I know I said I “scored” 15.  This was meant to be a game right?  I mean the list included HIGH FULLUTENT and SOPHISTICATED SWINE!  Is this a Christwire sign?  

I got a 16.  Some of these are a little vague.  I called myself a pervert because I’m pretty sure I would be to these people, but not to a hypothetical world of people who have brains.  I like the idea of being a High Fullutent (sic) Sophisticated Swine.

I have no idea what High Fullutent even means..? Also, isn’t it ironic that they suggest racists love the devil and then also say how Muslims, Mormons etc are also devil worshipers…

I’m going to stick with hoping this is a troll.

edit: Highfalutin is one word, not two, and means “pompous or pretentious.” [Origin unknown.]

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Video: Bon Iver + Bon Jovi = Bon Joviver ›



Otters Chasing A Butterfly


Can I have/be an otter now please?


Noticed something pretty bizarre whilst cleaning up some Fest 10 photos for HUCK magazine…Macho Man Randy Savage totally kicked my ass at beer pong from beyond the grave. 



Amazing Supercut of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” Sung By Movie Clips

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Pokemon innuendos 

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